4 Easy-To-Do Strength Exercises For Runners

The rise in health consciousness among Australians has produced an increased demand in the fitness industry for personal trainers. So how do you know whether making use of a fitness trainer is a good idea for you? A fitness trainer can be essential in helping you achieve successful fitness goals, whether they are sports-driven, fitness or weight loss-based, or for athletic purposes. As a runner, there are numerous benefits you can achieve by working according to a personal training plan specifically designed for your unique needs and goals. One of the main reasons to use a personal trainer is their professional ability to help educate you in all aspects of fitness, health, and the right way to train and exercise.

Strength training for runners is the backbone of exercises that can help you become a much stronger and more efficient runner with a lower risk of injury.

Here are four simple strength exercises that are most appropriate for runners:


Upper body strength is vital for proper form and efficient running. Push-ups are symmetrical exercises that help develop core strength, upper body power, and endurance like no other exercise. They target the pectoralis muscles but also train the triceps of the shoulders and upper arms.


Squats help to boost leg power, increase range of motion, and improves knee stability that can prevent a myriad of running injuries caused by the demands of running.

3.Twisting Lunge

This core exercise helps to improve balance and coordination while increasing lower body strength. The addition of a twisting motion while engaging the core forces the gluteus muscles to contract more fully.

4.The Bridge

This exercise strengthens the core stabiliser muscles and specifically targets the multifidus and transversus abdominis muscles. It also tones the gluteus medius muscle which is the key muscle in lifting and helps to prevent lower back pain.

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