How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight – Top Tips From Your Personal Trainer

Can drinking water really help with weight loss? While no one can claim that sipping water throughout the day will help you lose weight, there is evidence that suggests that a well-hydrated body is more efficient at performing tasks like burning body fat. Some of the ways that drinking more water can contribute to healthy weight loss are discussed below.

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Benefits of Drinking Water

In addition to exercising, eating better, and a healthier lifestyle, replacing sugary drinks in favour of pure, calorie-free water will definitely have a positive result on the scale. Some major benefits include:

Reduces Calorie Consumption

High sugar drinks, sports beverages, and even fruit juices contain up to 140 calories compared to zero calories in pure water.

Suppresses your Appetite

Drinking water 30 minutes before the main meal helps to expand the stomach, sending a signal of satiety to the brain. The brain often confuses hunger with thirst. Essentially you are exploiting the way the mind works to reduce hunger and consequent calorie intake.

Helps Burn Calories

A well-hydrated body induces short-term metabolic changes that help burn calories, especially cold water that requires more energy from the body to warm it to body temperature.

Makes Exercising More Efficient

A dehydrated body cannot regulate heat properly. If you are not hydrated you cannot think clearly, you become fatigued more easily, and your decision-making abilities are affected. Water replaces lost fluids during exercise, making it easier to burn more calories.

While many factors, behaviours, and predispositions can affect your weight, if your goal is moderate, long-term weight loss, making sure you are staying hydrated is a good place to start. However, overhydration is a real danger that can result in water intoxication where the salts and other essential electrolytes in the body are diluted. In rare cases, over-hydration can be fatal, so take care not to overdo it. The best way to ensure that you have a balanced intake of water is to follow the expert advice of your personal trainer.

At Transition Personal Training in Kwinana your personal trainer draws up a personalised nutrition and fitness plan to help you stay fit and lose weight, including the right amount of water intake for your particular body weight and type.

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