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10 Mistakes to Avoid at the Gym

After being cooped up at home during the pandemic, it feels nice to be out again and stretch out. And what better way to get back in shape than going to the gym. But before rushing in, you might want to take note of these 10 mistakes to avoid at the gym and make your … Read more

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How Many Calories Should One Eat To Lose Weight? [Guide From a Personal Trainer Baldivis]

Struggling to lose weight can be frustrating especially when nothing seems to work. However, with a good personal trainer like Transition Personal Training, losing those extra kilos shouldn’t be hard. This is because experienced trainers not only propose perfect workouts but healthy meal plans as well. Remember, diet is the greatest determinant of body weight. … Read more

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Mental Health Benefits of Physical Exercise

Regular exercise is great for both your body and your brain. It can increase your energy, reduce your risk of diabetes, lower your blood pressure and help you lose weight.  Regular exercise can also reduce your stress and ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. And it can help you recover from mental health issues.  … Read more

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Workout Plan for Beginners (By the Experts)

It is essential to follow a proven workout plan and eat the right foods. If you can afford to hire a personal trainer, your personal trainer can create a perfect workout plan for you. And if you are a beginner, you need to follow a workout plan for beginners.  Also read: 5 Weight Training Tips … Read more

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How to Set Up a Home Gym (That Gets You Result)?

Setting up a home gym can save you time since you do not have to drive back and forth to a gym. And you can customise your home gym to suit your personal preferences.  A home gym can save you more money in the long term. Once you set up your home gym, you will … Read more

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Why A Personal Trainer Is Worth It?

There are many reasons why people consider hiring a personal trainer to assist them with their fitness goals. Whether you are just starting out or you consider the gym to be your second home, a certified personal trainer can provide you with the support, education, accountability, and a plan of attack that makes it well … Read more

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The Top 5 Ways To Burn Calories And Fight Fat

Are you currently searching for a local gym, or perhaps a personal trainer, that can help you lose weight? Many people will join a gym, yet never go, plus they will not augment their diet. There are specific strategies that you can use to lose weight quickly. In fact, there are five ways to burn … Read more

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Top 5 Benefits Of Regular Exercise Schedule

Regular exercise can be beneficial to health by helping to manage and prevent chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes. Physical activity is also an important component in managing weight better and increasing muscle, bone, and joint strength that lowers the risk of falls and developing osteoporosis. If you … Read more

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Home Workouts That You Can Do While the Kids are Napping

Exercising and having kids around at the same time is close to impossible. If you’ve ever tried, you know how hard it is. Here are the home workouts that you can do while the kids are napping:  1. Washcloth Workout You can use a washcloth workout to have a toned upper body, tight abs and … Read more

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5 Easy to Cook Post-Workout Meals

It is beneficial to eat after a workout. Eating the right nutrients after exercise can help your body recover. However, many people do not know what to cook after exercise. It is extremely important to eat protein and carbs after exercise. Your personal trainer can even tell you what to eat after your workout.  You … Read more

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5 Important Reasons To Warm Up Before Exercise

Although warm-up exercises don’t contribute anything to building muscles or burning calories, they should form an integral part of your workout. But what makes warm-up exercises and a few stretches so important to a successful workout? There are several reasons why you should complete a warm-up routine before you even think of doing any form … Read more

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Dos and Don’ts of Weight Training at Gym or at Home

Toned muscles, increased muscle and bone strength, as well as weight loss, are the major benefits of weight training. However, these benefits can only be achieved through proper training. Without it, getting yourself injured is highly probable.  To avoid injury, here are the most important things you should do and not do when training: The … Read more