Brad Oldfield

Brad Oldfield

Hi I’m Brad Oldfield , 17 years Old and I play for Peel Thunder Football Club.
I started training with Transition about a year ago. After receiving an injury in State 16’s I went through every avenue to rectify this. I worked with Dr Gordon Benz from Benz Chiropractic Clinic who referred me to Luke and Rachael Burton from Transition. Without their structured programs and knowledge, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m not only stronger physically, but also mentally, and have more confidence in my body, knowing it is prepared for anything. I’m physically stronger. I have had the best pre season thanks to Luke. I can’t thank the Transition team enough, it’s now time to show all the hard work we’ve put in and achieve my goals of making State 18’s and pursue the AFL dream. Thanks Luke and Rachael, it’s time to shine.


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