In 6 weeks I have lost 5.2kgs all by controlling what I eat. For years I have been stuck at 90kgs trying to loose weight by exercising more and changing what I eat but to no avail. When we first started out with Luke I lost a few kgs but after a while the scales stopped changing. When Luke first gave us the nutrition plan I was not convinced. No dairy except for Greek yogurt (I love dairy), no red meat (I’m a at least 1 steak a week kinda girl) and the portion sizes were quite small just to name a few things. Having hubby do one too has really helped as we’ve kept each other on track and after 6 weeks I feel so much better.
For health reasons I had to step back from pt for the last few weeks however, it hasn’t seemed to change the fact that the scales keep dropping. With my health I have learnt I can’t control when my body refuses to exercise but I can control I what I put into my body. I’m excited to see what the next 6 weeks will bring but am so glad I get a week off in the middle. ????


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