I participated and completed the 6 week challenge. Before I started I was actively going to the gym 2-3 times a week, working, and doing fulltime university studies. All commitmemts continued throughout the challenge, which shows how manageable this challenge was.

I started at 82.2kg, and throughout the 6 weeks I lost 7.8kg. My after weight is now 74.4kg.

The nutrition plan was great, the food was yummy and manageable. Lets just say, the first week I struggled to eat all the food. Each week the personal training sessions became harder and harder, but it was good because it showed how much energy and motivation I gained due to eating properly.
From the challenge I gained new eating habits, and knowledge on what I can and can’t eat to get the best results in the gym, and in my general life. I gained a whole new level of energy, all from learning what I should be eating, and the quantities of these foods.


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