Well! Where to start?

First I would like to thank Luke Burton from Transition Personal Training for showing me there is light at the end of the tunnel & for all the encouragement over the 6 Weeks Training along with the Nutrition Plan that helped transform my life.

Before I started the 6 weeks I was:
(1) type 1 diabetic which means injecting insulin & also taking tablets
(3) suffering depression & medicated
(4) emotionally a wreck

What happened?

So on the second day of being on the nutrition plan I stopped injecting insulin and have not since, I’ve gone from type 1 to type 2 – my doctor is very happy.
Mentally, it’s the best I have felt in years & the doctor will be working with me to decrease and come off meds. My confidence is at a place where I am looking at dating again in the future (I am a widow).
Emotionally, I feel ready to take on the world.
Physically, well I’ve gone from 2 push-ups and “forget jogging” to 35 straight push-ups & jogging 4k no worries! (Plus lunges, squats, crunches, punches with weights & them bloody burpees).

What do I do now?
I keep training with the best Guy & Girl you could wish for to turn your life around {I have ordered my #transition_pt clothing which I will be wearing with pride}.

I would like to say to all you people out there that there is no excuse to sit on your ass and make excuses for being fat, lazy and woe is me when I have taken the challenge from that place and am moving to a life full of hope. The list of my ailments can better a lot of folk – that I am sure of – but then I reckon Luke would still take you on ey!

BEST of all:
since I last checked I am now 10kg lighter, I’ve gone from a tight 102 pant size to a loose 92 pants and have been on holidays doing my jogging and workout all on my own but looking forward to getting back to Transition (Luke & Rachael) for that one on one push & positive words of encouragement .


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