Renae Collini

Renae Collini

My journey at transition began 2 and a half years ago. I was ready to get fit and active. I started out with 3x PT sessions a week. By the end of every week i use to think there has to be an easier way. In July this yr the doctor told me i had to loose weight, i was so shocked at the numbers on the scale, i looked in the mirror but i never saw the reflection of the scales. It was a huge wake up call. On 7th of August 2017 i started eating healthy and excersising. I came in to Luke and i told him i wanted full body work outs and that i had to loose weight. I stuck to a meal plan and excersised 4 to 5 times a week and i have successfully lost 22.5kgs in 12 weeks. I see it in the mirror, my clothes fit better but the thing im proud of most is how much fitter i am and what I use to think was impossible is now my daily excersise routine! I am forever greatful to the Team at Transition espicallly Luke and Kelvin. I went in with a goal and they helped me smash it! My journey is far from over but i am pumped and motivated to keep up the good work with my transition family.


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