I have been with TransitionPT for awhile now,
I started with them at my heaviest 78kg,
At first I only lost 3kg but dropped 1 & 1/2 dress sizes and got into the size 12 that I had dreamed of,
Plus in all this I had the battle of not being able to fall pregnant,
But once I started to feel the changes and feeling so much better in myself next I knew I was pregnant ????,
From there Luke and Rachael worked with me throughout my pregnancy and then to the end I was doing maternity stretch with Rachael.
On my come back it was slow and steady but I couldn’t wait to get back into full PT again,
From then to now: I have lost all my baby weight plus some and notice how much more my body has toned.
I’m now sitting at 70kg and I have Luke working with me on my nutrition to get me to my goal of 65kg


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