Terrie Kelly

Terrie Kelly

I will start by saying that everyone’s weight loss journey is different and can be very personal. A journey where success means that you have to overcome your fears and often emotional issues. I started my weight loss journey back in 2015 with varying results on each attempt. When I started out, I was just below 110kg and wearing size 38 pants.

Last year, I did the 6 week challenge at Transition. Did it work for me? Absolutely, I lost 8kg in 6 weeks. My problem was that I couldn’t maintain what I was doing to lose that weight to begin with. As it turns out, we went into Christmas and I put back on more than half the weight that I lost.
At the start of 2018, I said that this year would be a year of change. I decided that it was time to change physically, emotionally, personally and professionally.

I had some conversations with Luke and we decided that it was time to try something different. When I started this time, I had a target weight in mind. I was aiming to get below 80kg. This time around, we decided to change to something more sustainable in both diet and exercise wise. I started using an app to log what I was eating, quantities etc. using the app to stay within my calorie limit for each day.

This time around, I have come to understand a lot more about what I am eating so I feel like I have a lot more control.

On this attempt, I started at 91 kg. It’s been about 4 months and have hit my target weight and I know this time round, I can maintain it.
On a more personal note, the team at Transition gym in Kwinana have helped me work through not just my weight issues but also helped me work through some of my emotional issues that have been holding me back.

Yes its been interesting getting to the gym and seeing what appears to be an absolutely insane program on the board for me to get through. The sense of accomplishment when you finish these workouts and walk away with a smile really is something else ???? At the end of the day, what really makes me feel good is that I’m now down to 78kg which meant that I had to go and buy new clothes… getting measured up for a new suit, trying on the suit and finding that you actually need the next size down is a surreal experience…. As is being able to wear size 31 jeans. And on top of all that, I can confidently say that I’m now happier, healthier and stronger now than when I was in my early twenties.

Thank you Transition


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