Dos and Don’ts of Weight Training at Gym or at Home

Toned muscles, increased muscle and bone strength, as well as weight loss, are the major benefits of weight training. However, these benefits can only be achieved through proper training. Without it, getting yourself injured is highly probable. 

To avoid injury, here are the most important things you should do and not do when training:

The DOs

Proper form and posture

Execute a set properly. Correct form and posture lessen the risk of injury. The general rule in lifting a weight, keep your back straight while your feet are about a shoulder apart.

If you are in a gym, never hesitate to be assisted by a personal trainer especially if you’re still a newbie. These personal trainers could help you a lot in showing the proper form and execution, as well as offer you advice.

Lift the right weight

Start the weight that you can lift comfortably. Gradually increase the amount of weight as you get stronger. 


Newbies always tend to hold their breath when lifting a tremendous amount of weight. Holding your breath would quickly cause you to over-exert yourself which increases the risk of injury because of lack of oxygen in your body. 

Instead, DO breathe in when you lift the weight and DO breathe out as you lower it.

Balanced exercise

Work all your major muscles in the arms, legs, shoulders, abdomen, hips, and back. Strengthen opposing muscles evenly.

Have a rest day

Don’t work the same muscles for two days in a row. It would strain those muscles. You may work for your muscle groups at a single session three times a week at most.

The DON’Ts

Skipping warm-up

Before lifting weights, perform light stretching or aerobic activity for five to 10 minutes to avoid injury. Cold muscles are more prone to injury.

Being in a rush

Take your time in performing a set, focus, and complete the set. Strength training focuses on the number of completed reps, unlike cardio exercise that focuses on duration.

Overload and Overdo

Don’t be tempted to rush yourself believing you can achieve your desired figure. Muscles can get strained quickly if it is loaded beyond its capacity.

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