Exercise Parks in Calista

The suburb of Calista holds many great exercise sites and facilities for people of all ages. The parks and ovals in this suburb contain playgrounds, skateparks, football posts, and long jump pitches. If you’re looking for an excellent workout environment, Calista Oval, Rhodes Park, and Gawler Way are some spots you need to check out.

Calista provides the perfect grounds for a workout, no matter the sport. The parks are also a great place to have fun with family and friends or to have some quiet time for yourself.

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Why Exercise in the Park

Many studies have shown that outdoor physical activity lowers a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. That is why exercising outdoors often feels less strenuous and assists you in your journey towards peak performance.

The park’s refreshing atmosphere gives an additional boost to your performance and makes your exercise routine more pleasant. Cool air and a great view of your surroundings could be just what your body needs to reach new heights.

Exercise Parks and Facilities in Bertram

Though shared with Bertram Primary School next door, Bertram Oval is available for public use outside of school hours (8:30 am to 3:30 pm). Facilities in the oval include football goals and cricket nets.

Other great places to exercise in Bertram are Chipperton Park, which has a lake and three park benches, and the larger Centennial Park, which holds nine park benches, two picnic tables, and a playground. A group workout could be immediately followed up with a fun picnic in the park with friends or family.

The Ideal Gym to Complement Your Park Exercise

Transition Gym provides the best workout to complement your park exercise. The Transition Gym team provides you with nutrition, exercises, and fitness plans that empower you to take the initiative to train outdoors.

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