Home Workouts That You Can Do While the Kids are Napping

Exercising and having kids around at the same time is close to impossible. If you’ve ever tried, you know how hard it is. Here are the home workouts that you can do while the kids are napping: 

1. Washcloth Workout

  • You can use a washcloth workout to have a toned upper body, tight abs and even a strong butt. You will just need a washcloth and a magazine or carpet or a wood floor. 
  • You can do the washcloth workout in your hotel. The workouts are simple and effective. You can exercise without worrying about disturbing your kids or the hotel guests. 

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2. Pistols & Plyos Cardio Workout

  • Pistols and plyos cardio workouts can help you improve your power, speed and athletic performance. You can use this workout to burn fat and build muscle. 
  • Plyos workout adds a plyometric element, such as an explosive movement, to make the workout more challenging. You can even combine high knees, jump squats and pistol squats. 

3. Deck of Cards Abs Workout

  • Decks of carb abs workout can help you have tight abs and achieve weight loss. However, you need to use high-intensity bodyweight workouts. 
  • You will just need a deck of cards. The deck of card abs workout is a high-intensity workout for burning fat and building strong abs. You can even add volume to help with your strength. 

4. Chest & Arm Strength Workout

  • You do not need equipment to do chest and arm strength workouts. You will just use the weight of your body to build your chest and arms. You do not need to lift heavy equipment. 
  • Chest and arm strength workouts can include; push-ups and planks. These exercises engage the core, so they can help you build strong abs. You will feel better after doing these exercises. 
  • Use these exercises to get a beautiful chest and arms. 

5. Buff Bottom Workout

  • It is important for your health to build a strong butt. This is because the butt plays an important role in the hip rotation, abduction and extension. 
  • Therefore, you need to select the best exercises to help you build a strong butt. You can use a buff bottom workout to build a strong butt. You can incorporate glute training to reduce knee and lower back pain. 

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A personal trainer can help you pick the best home workouts for you. If you are looking for a personal trainer or gym near Baldivis, WA to help you lose weight and be fit, then contact Transition Personal Training for a customised workout plan. 

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Home Workouts That You Can Do While the Kids are Napping

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