How Can You Train At Home Without Weights?

Most people workout for aesthetic reasons, but increasing physical appeal, strength training also has health benefits. Resistance and weight training are mostly associated with lifting weights and working with gym machines. However, gaining muscle and losing weight can also be achieved without lifting weights. So how can you train at home without weights?

Exercise You Can Use to Train at Home

1. Squats

Squats are ideal for home training because they promote circulation and help you burn calories. The motion involved activated your back and core, and you’ll gain muscles over time. Lastly, squats improve your balance, and more calories are burnt once you gain muscle.

2. Lunges

These are almost similar to squats because they also help with improving body balance. Lunges impact your calves, hamstrings, and glutes. You get to individually workout each leg and your lower back. This exercise improves your flexibility and coordination over time.

3. Planks

Planks work out your entire core and glutes. Even though it is the most challenging, the benefits overshadow the difficulty you will encounter. Planks help reduce back pains once you get used to the routine.

4. Push-Ups

This is the easiest exercise, and it is highly beneficial because you utilise several muscle groups at a time. Push-ups is an ideal workout option that keeps you stabilised by engaging your core, biceps, triceps, deltoids, and your lower body. It is also a cardiovascular exercise that promotes heart health.

Why You Need a Personal Trainer

Transition Personal Training, gym in Kwinana, can help you improve your physical and spiritual health. You need a professional personal trainer with whom you can discuss your goals. Always beware of personal trainers as their advice can be misleading. Ensure the personal trainer you are working with can prove their qualifications. A trained and certified personal trainer helps you formulate a program that can be adjusted as you progress through your workout journey.

Below are workout rules a personal trainer will help you follow;

• Adopting a full body workout rather than isolated exercise

• Sticking to a consistent workout regime

• Avoiding fitness fads

• Warming up before every workout session

Maintaining a healthy diet

• Getting enough sleep


Training at home without weights requires patience, discipline, and determination. That is why you need a personal trainer who will formulate a program that keeps you on your toes. Once you learn the rules to follow and all is left is keeping focus at the beginning of the routine until your body adapts to the workouts. Online Personal Training is a great way to stay fit if you are not comfortable to leave your home.

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