How to Set Achievable Fitness Goals?

It is important to set fitness goals. However, a lot of people set unreasonable fitness goals, so they give up on them. It is almost impossible to achieve big goals within a short time. Setting fitness goals should motivate you to work hard and never give up on your goals. So, it is more important to learn how to set achievable goals. 

Here is how to set achievable fitness goals: 

1. Focus on One Goal At a Time

Do not try to focus on several goals at the same time. You are more likely to fail if you focus on several goals. If you have several goals, you will get anxious. And if you do not do anything, you may feel like a failure. Instead, set one specific fitness goal and crush it. If you focus on one goal, you will achieve it. 

2. Make Your Fitness Goal Measurable, Specific and Time-Bound

Have a measurable, specific and time-bound fitness goal to make it easy to track your progress. It is easy to track a specific goal. It is even easier to find the strategy for achieving your goal. Set the time for achieving your goal. Once you set the date, you will focus more on the goal. And create a plan for achieving the goal within your time frame. 

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3. Play The Long Game

A lot of people want instant results. However, it is hard to maintain the results over the long run. It is much better to set a realistic time frame for achieving your fitness goals. You will never see great results in one week. However, if you consistently work on your fitness goals over several months, you will see amazing results. 

4. Develop Micro Goals on the Way to Your Big Fitness Goal

If you have a big fitness goal, do not focus on achieving the big goal. Instead, set small achievable goals to bring you closer to achieving your big fitness goal. If you achieve a small goal, you will feel good and motivated to continue working on your goal. If you wait too long to achieve one big goal, you will lose your motivation.

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5. Be Honest About Your Prior and Current Habits

If you have never achieved fitness in the past, you may need to take your time. However, if you have been crushing fitness goals for most of your life, you can focus on complex fitness goals. Do not compare yourself with other people. It is much better to work on practical and more realistic fitness goals. 

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