How to Set Up a Home Gym (That Gets You Result)?

Setting up a home gym can save you time since you do not have to drive back and forth to a gym. And you can customise your home gym to suit your personal preferences. 

A home gym can save you more money in the long term. Once you set up your home gym, you will never come up with excuses to avoid working out. 

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Here are the steps to set up a home gym: 

1. Create Space 

  • Create space for your home gym. You need enough space to do core exercises and even stretch. If you are planning to do HIIT workouts, you need more space. 
  • You can convert one of your extra rooms into a gym. If you do not have an extra room, you can create space in your home. If you have outdoor space, you can use that space. 

2. Stock Your Home Gym 

  • You do not need to purchase bulk machines and equipment for your home gym. Buy cheap workout equipment since they are effective. 
  • You can buy a jump rope for cardio exercises. Buy a weighted jump rope to increase intensity. Purchase a single kettlebell, a set of dumbbells and a pair of adjustable dumbbells for strength training. 
  • It is essential to buy recovery equipment, such as foam rollers, for your home gym. 

3. Plan for Storage 

  • If your home gym is small, you will need to create a storage plan. You can get a storage container to hold your small, portable pieces, such as jump rope, sliders, resistance, yoga mat, etc. Slide the container under your bed. 
  • Get a compact weight rack for your dumbbells. 
  • Creating a storage plan can save you time. It can keep the floor of your gym free of clutter. You will ensure your gym is always clean. 

4. Design Your Setup

  • It is essential to have enough space in your home gym. If there is no space in your gym, you might not work out properly. Do not let your equipment crowd your home gym. Clear your gym of distractions and clutter. 
  • It is also important to have enough natural light entering your home gym. The light can enter through windows. You can even use overhead light bulbs. 
  • You can even add a mirror to your home gym. You can use the mirror to check your form when exercising. A mirror can make your home gym appear larger. 

5. Put It to Good Use

  • Once you set up your home gym, you can now exercise in your gym. It is, however, beneficial to train with someone. You can hire a personal trainer or ask one of your friends to train with you. Solo workouts can get lonely. 
  • It is better to hire a personal trainer. The personal trainer can help you create a workout plan and put you on a diet. If you follow the advice of your personal trainer, you are more likely to achieve your fitness goals. 

Are there Other Alternate Plans? 

It is not easy to set up a home gym. And it is expensive to purchase the necessary machines and equipment. It is, therefore, much better to join a family-owned local gym in Kwinana for a home gym experience. If you are looking for a personal trainer or gym to lose weight and be fit in Kwinana, Western Australia, feel free to contact Transition Personal Training.

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