Kwinana Loop Trail

Benefits of Walking Trails

We all know the value of exercise. A Kwinana gym with a positive atmosphere can go a long way to helping you improve fitness.

But sometimes you need a change in scenery. Or perhaps you want to inspire some healthy habits in your family.

Thankfully here in Kwinana, we have some beautiful walk trails. Trail walking is a great adventure for the whole family. Make trail walking a game, and your kids won’t even realise that they’re getting in a good workout.

Getting out into nature allows everyone to forget their problems once in a while. It will enable you and your family to spend some good quality time together without devices to distract you.

The Kwinana Loop Trail

The Kwinana Loop Trail looks out over some of the most beautiful bushland in the area. You’ll experience stunning views, varied terrains, and a great cross-country workout. Be sure to head over to Chalk Hill and survey the Cockburn Sound, the Industrial strip, and the city as if it were yours.

Hit the trail on foot or your bicycle. The loops in the path and the hilly nature of the terrain make for an interesting ride.

The Stages of the Trail

There are six trails open and a seventh that’s being developed:

  • Stage 1: Is a distance of 3,380 metres and starts at Gilmore Avenue.
  • Stage 2: Is a distance of 3,675 metres and starts at Thomas Road. 
  • Stage 3: Is a distance of 4,760 metres and starts at Gilmore Avenue. 
  • Stage 4: Is a distance of 3,020 metres and starts at Leda Boulevard.
  • Stage 5: Is a distance of 2,880 metres and starts at Bertram Road. 
  • Stage 6: Is a distance of 3,360 metres and starts at Bollard Bullrush Swamp.
  • Stage 7: Is a distance of 3,650 metres and starts at Sulphur Road.

Who is the Trail Suitable for?

This loop trail is suitable for walkers, joggers, and mountain bikers. Put some fat tires on your bike, and you’ll have a comfortable ride.

The trail consists of varying amounts of asphalt, concrete, or crushed limestone. The materials are easy to grip and provide you with a sound footing in wet weather.

If you’re unfit, just starting, or a little fragile, begin with the limestone sections of the trail. These provide firm support.

But why take our word for it? Why not come out and see for yourself?

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