Online Personal Training FAQs

Stay Physically Fit In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

The COVID situation is definitely ruining everyone’s fitness calendar. With online personal training sessions, you don’t have to get out of the house to achieve your fitness goals. We create personalised training sessions that you can do at home.

Your Online Personal Trainer

All of our fitness programmes are individualised to suit your needs. Your online personal trainer will create a fitness regimen that covers all your fitness goals. We will get the best trainer that’s a perfect match for your needs. You’ll be embarking on a one-on-one fitness session via Skype!

Our personal trainers are certified and highly qualified to conduct a sound fitness programme. In addition, aspects such as flexibility, wellness coaching, and nutrition evaluation are included.

Your Personalised Sessions

You might be asking, “how often do I need to see my trainer?” Well, that depends entirely on you. You’ll be collaborating with your personal trainer to come up with a successful training calendar. It can range from personal training sessions that run twice or thrice a week. Our personal trainers can also evaluate your progress daily if you want more accountability.

Progressive Exercise Programme

All of our personalised programmes are progressive. We strive to help you achieve your goal in the fastest and safest way possible. So how often do you have to change your workout sequence? Your workout routine may change every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on your progress.

But if you feel that a specific workout or any aspect of your training is not working out for your schedule, you can let your personal trainer know. Our goal is to establish a consistent and progressive workout regimen. It’s an essential ingredient for a successful fitness programme.

Do I Need To Enrol In A Gym?

No – and with the current situation, that’s not viable. We will devise a workout programme using equipment that you have available on hand. Your personal trainer will go over each exercise. And in case you forgot each sequence, we have instructional videos that you can watch. And if you need more instruction, our personal trainers will be happy to assist you.

How Do I Contact My Trainer?

Your personal trainer will be waiting at the other end of the line! You just have to dial the numbers. You will receive your personalised training sessions via email. And you can also get in touch with our trainer within our workout app.

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