Online Training vs. Personal Training

Many have sworn by how their personal trainer has made them achieve fitness goals better and faster.  These days, however, the online trainer is trending. The question is – which among the two is for you?

Online Training

Online training is better than installing a fitness app on your phone. Rather than trying to follow random exercises that you think you need, an online trainer can personalise your workout and nutrition program, track your progress through apps, and do video call sessions.

These are the benefits of online training:

  • Convenience. You can workout from the comfort of your home, without losing time in traffic. You can also set your preferred schedule instead of waiting for free space at the gym.
  • Data is all online. It helps to know how you’re doing. All your hard work will be measured and stored online so that you can easily track your progress yourself. A bonus is that your online trainer will help explain the data to you and also customise your next workouts based on these.
  • Affordability. Online training is less expensive than a full gym membership, which is also why it has grown in popularity.

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Personal Training

While both a personal and an online trainer have essentially the same objectives, there are benefits that an online trainer cannot fully deliver, such as:

  • Access to all the best gym equipment. If you get a membership at a gym, you should choose one with all the best facilities. Your personal trainer will teach you how to use all these high-end equipment according to your needs.
  • More precise and more explicit instructions. Your online PT can tell you how to do your exercises from a screen, but they cannot physically correct your alignment in the exact form that is needed. If you’re recuperating from an injury, a personal trainer watching over your form is crucial.
  • More Personable Connection. Some people just like face-to-face interaction with other humans, and are better motivated by their presence.

Start Training Today

To be clear, one method of fitness training is not better than the other. It really boils down to what your needs are. We at Transition Personal Training offer both, so talk to us today and let’s see which program is right for you.

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