Questions to Ask Yourself Before Improving Your Fitness

Yoga, Pilates, bodybuilding, CrossFit, barre – these are all good workouts, but their effectiveness doesn’t solely rely on the program or personal trainer. Preparation and discipline on one’s part play huge parts as well. If you’re one to wonder about kickstarting a fitness training program, ask yourself these questions to determine your level of preparation.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1. Why Am I Doing This?

It’s easy to be influenced by friends, celebrities, and social media. However, insecurity never truly set anyone for success.

Ask yourself what your motivations are. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon, it’s best to find answers within you and answers that are bound to make you genuinely happy.

2. Do You Know How to Assess Yourself and Your Training?

Running on a treadmill and lifting weights nonstop daily is a method many people use and fail in. Most of the time, it is because they are too focused on getting to the results. But dedication and discipline aside, one must know his or her goals and know how to assess progress. Methods like fluid periodisation have helped athletes devise programs that meet their capacity, limitations, and needs.

If you don’t like numeric data, note the amount of effort you exert during workouts and level of soreness you feel after. These are good determinants of the best program for you.

3. Will You Be Able to Manage It With Your Schedule?

Ask yourself if you still have room for another responsibility in your schedule. Approach it logically and think about the long-term. If you’re truly determined to be fit, you need to set a realistic plan.

For Unbiased Advice, Talk to Transition Today

In fitness, proper preparation is as important as execution. To help you figure out the right timing, find the right support, get the right mindset, and devise a good plan, talk to Transition PT. We offer two weeks of free trial on personal training. We are a family and health-focused gym with no mirrors, focusing on the health and well-being of our clients.

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