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This option is usually sought out by those who already own a gym membership elsewhere, prefer working out from home, live too far away from Transition Gym, or work FIFO – you get the idea. Click to consult to find out more

Benefits of Online Personal Training

  1. Setting your preferred schedule. The greatest asset of online personal training is that you can work out any time you want to.
  2. More accessible. With an online personal trainer, you don’t have to keep driving to the gym to get advice. Instead, you can communicate with your trainer whenever you need to, wherever you are!
  3. More affordable. In-person PTs are often costly. However, online PTs are much cheaper, so more people can afford one.
  4. Data-driven. It’s much easier to track your physical stats with online PTs. Everything is available online, so as long as you have your phone, you can keep track.

Ways You Can Stay Motivated During Online Personal Training

  1. Monitor your stats. These are your best indicators of progress. If, say, your goal is to lose weight, then keep your eyes on your weight statistic. If the numbers consistently go down, then you’re making good progress!
  2. Make your OPT as your accountability partner. Who better to motivate you to keep working it than your online personal trainer himself? If she keeps asking you how it’s going every day, then you will surely follow through on your training routines.
  3. Visualise the new you. What would you look like after completing your online personal training programme? Keep a mental picture of that all the time, and you will always be inspired to do the work.

Why Choose Transition as Your Online Personal Trainer

Here at Transition, we keep your health and fitness goals in mind. More than teaching you what exercises to do, we are here to walk with you on your wellness journey. We believe in the power of education and support to make you achieve your goals, which is why you can trust Transition.

With our online personal training programmes, you don’t even have to come to the Kwinana gym. You can reap the benefits right from where you are today.


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