Why A Personal Trainer Is Worth It?

There are many reasons why people consider hiring a personal trainer to assist them with their fitness goals. Whether you are just starting out or you consider the gym to be your second home, a certified personal trainer can provide you with the support, education, accountability, and a plan of attack that makes it well worth the investment. They are trained to create and implement a safe and effective exercise program for each individual client to enable them to work out more efficiently and execute additional lifestyle changes towards reaching their personal fitness and weight loss goals. 

Here are 5 reasons to consider hiring a personal trainer:

1. Learning about the Health and Fitness of Your Body

  • If you are new to exercising and don’t know where to start it can be hard to figure out how hard to work and intense your workout should be.
  • A fitness trainer knows a lot about body mechanics, human physiology, exercise science, the psychology of behaviour change, and a lot more. They can teach you how to use proper form, what exercises will be most effective for your specific goals, how to properly use gym equipment, and educate you on how to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. 
  • A personal trainer can help you achieve better results in a shorter period of time and help you avoid injury.

2. Accountability and Encouragement

  • One of the most challenging parts of exercising is to maintain a workout routine on a consistent basis. If someone expects you to be at the gym at an appointed time you are more likely to make the effort to get your workout in. 
  • During your appointments, your personal trainer can monitor your progress and offer much-needed encouragement to carry on. 
  • Ample research shows that people who have support and encouragement from someone else are more likely to succeed at their fitness goals.

3. Nutrition and Weight Loss

  • In a 2015 study, the role of physical exercise in initial weight loss, prevention of weight gain, weight maintenance, and the obesity paradox was explored. It was found that exercise alone was not as effective as a combination of physical activity and calorie restrictions to produce the best results. 
  • As diet plays a crucial role in weight loss, you can look to your personal trainer to provide you with general guidelines and recommendations to help achieve your specific weight loss goals.

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4. Exercise Variety to Combat Boredom

  • We are all creatures of habit and if you are bored with doing the same exercises and using the same gym equipment a personal trainer can introduce you to new exercises that will challenge your body and mind with new movements and patterns. 
  • Research has found that a varied workout routine can make people feel more motivated and improve muscle strength.

5. Customised Workout Plan

  • There are hundreds of exercises you can follow but that does not mean they are the best for your personal fitness needs. 
  • A personal trainer will draw up an individualised workout plan and schedule to suit your specific body type and personal goals in order to achieve the best results. 
  • Research indicates that individualized workout plans can address certain issues such as muscular imbalances and provide additional benefits to strength-training protocols to improve such issues.

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