Workout Plan for Beginners (By the Experts)

It is essential to follow a proven workout plan and eat the right foods. If you can afford to hire a personal trainer, your personal trainer can create a perfect workout plan for you. And if you are a beginner, you need to follow a workout plan for beginners. 

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Here is a 4-week workout plan for beginners by the experts: 

Week 1: Full-Body Split

  • You will train your major body parts in Week 1. Train for three days in the first week and perform one exercise per body part in every session. Take a day off to rest between your workout. 
  • Rest to give your body enough time to recover. You can, therefore, train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
  • Perform 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps of each exercise per workout in Week 1. 
  • Exercises for Week 1 are overhead dumbbell press, lat pulldown, dumbbell bench press, leg press, lying leg curl, rope press down, barbell biceps curl, standing calf raise and crunch. 

Week 2: Two-Day Split – Upper Body/Lower Body

  • In Week 2, you will split up your body into two separate workouts. You will do separate workouts on different days. You will train for four days in Week 2.  
  • You will train your upper-body parts on Monday and Thursday and your lower-body days on Tuesday and Friday. You will train each body part twice. 
  • You will recover on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Perform 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps of each exercise per workout in Week 2. 
  • Exercises for Week 2 are crunch, press down, lying EZ-bar triceps extension, preacher curl with cable, barbell biceps curl, dumbbell lateral raise, overhead dumbbell press, lat pulldown, barbell bend-over row, dumbbell flye and barbell bench press. 

Week 3: Three-day split – Push/Pull/Legs

  • You will train your “pushing” body parts on Day 1. Train abs and “pulling” body parts on Day 2. And train your lower body on Day 3. You will train each body part twice a week in Week 2. 
  • You will train for 6 days in Week 2. Perform 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps of each exercise per workout in Week 3. 
  • Exercises for Week 3 are dumbbell flye, overhead dumbbell press, smith machine upright row, lying EZ-bar triceps extension, incline barbell bench press, and dumbbell kickbacks. 

Week 4: Four-Day Split – Full Body

  • You will train fewer body parts per workout in Week 4. You can train 2 to 3 body parts per workout. You will, therefore, give every muscle group more attention and train with higher volume. 
  • You will train for four days in a four-way split in Week 4. 
  • Exercises for Week 4 are dumbbell flye, lying EZ-bar triceps extension, dumbbell kickback, incline barbell bench press, standing calf raises, dumbbell bench press, rope press down and seated calf raises. 

It is much better to hire a personal trainer to help you create a workout plan for you as the workout plan can change from person to person. Your personal trainer will draft a customised plan and ensure you stick to your workout plan. 

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